Writing music and having a creative vision is never enough. It is when the right people gather in the studio that the real magic happens. On “Desolate” I knew exactly who to call and each and every one played a huge part in creating the sound of the very first piece of music from The Blank Page. There’s no words to express how grateful I am to:

Ludvig Kennberg – drums

Ludvig might not be a household name (yet!) but without a doubt he is a world class drummer who’s comfortable in just about any style of drumming. Even if he’s done plenty of live work (we’ve been very happy to have him with us on tour with Dead Soul) he excels in the studio and his amazing drumming can be heard on everything from releases from small local acts to globally succesful bands. All around great guy too!

Johan Rapp – electric guitar, recording engineer and co-production

Despite his young age (25) Johan has more experience than most musicians twice his age. Raised in a family of professional musicians music has been in his DNA since day one. I’ve had the pleasure of following his musical journey for almost 15 years. With many years of classical studies (he’s a fine cello-player) he’s got a solid musical foundation that gives him a perspective that makes him a great asset in the studio. Without his contribution as an guitar player, recording engineer and co-producer I would probably still be sitting in my home studio trying to figure out how to make The Blank Page happen. Check out his own band below.

Nicklas Brännström – bass

I could spend page after page writing about Nicklas because he’s not only one of greatest bass players you’ll ever find but also my oldest friend who I’ve known for as long as I can remember. I can still recall the day he got his first bass guitar (in the early 80’s) and how it changed his life forever. Over the years he’s developed a relationship to the instrument that makes it a natural part of his whole being and his own music knows no boundaries whatsoever. I can’t think of any musician that deserves recognition more than Nicklas. We’ve collaborated on a couple of projects over the years but this is probably the first time I feel that all his qualities shines through for real.

Fia Kempe – backing vocals

I first met Fia backstage several years ago when Dead Soul supported Ghost. Little did I know then that I was in the presence of a singing goddess. Later it came to my knowledge that she was working on a new project with Aksel Holmgren (ex drummer with Ghost) called The Great Discord. When I first heard some tracks from their debut album Duende (Metal Blade) I was blown away by her outstanding vocals and became a huge fan. She did some backing vocals on Dead Souls “The Sheltering Sky” and she was the obvious choice when it came to backing vocals on “Desolate”. Now she’s rising to the stars with The Great Discord and I’m happy that I caught her while I still could afford her.

Niels Nielsen – additional keyboards and mixing

What can I say about my main musical partner since 2007 that you don’t already know? In my book Niels is a genius and his track record as an engineer/producer with bands like Ghost, Magna Carta Cartel, TID and The Great Discord speaks louder than words. After 10 years of making music together he still surprises every time we sit down and create together. Lately he’s been seen on the big stages around the world as synthesizer-wizard with IN FLAMES but he still got time to release great solo records and producing/mixing album after album with other bands and artists.

Thomas Eberger – Mastering

Thomas put the final touch to “Desolate” and he is a true master of his trade. Just check out his CV on his website and you’ll know that this is the “go to”-guy for mastering.