About TBP

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture”

The origin of the quote above is a bit unsure but it seems natural that both Frank Zappa and Elvis Costello has been connected to it over the years. Nevertheless it is very much true.

In the never ending ambition to promote new music record labels have done everything they can to convince potential buyers by using name-dropping and colorful descriptions of what the listener is about to hear. Totally understandable, especially these days, when it’s harder than ever to be heard over a massive amount of new music getting released each and every day.

But most of the time it comes off as contrived and the result is often a way of limiting the purity and sensation of just listening to new music without any prejudice whatsoever.

So, that being said; what about this new “project” (I really dislike that word) called The Blank Page? What is it? Why now? And how can I avoid not going in to the same trap as the one above that I just critized and rant about how it sounds (or what bands combined it might remind you of)? Maybe by telling you the story behind the music? Let’s try!

Back in 1985, when I was 16 years old, I answered to an ad in a music store where a band influenced by Genesis and Rush seeked a keyboard player. I met the guys, we played for a couple of hours and I got the position. An amazing life changing adventure began. I was already a fan of Marillion but, of course, it was undeniable that the source to the progressive approach to music had its origin in the early 70’s. Over a couple of intensive years I had a great time discovering more music from bands like Yes, U.K. and King Crimson and did my best to learn to create something similar. Even if the result of our efforts never came close to our influences that period is the reason why I decided to stick to the musical path.

In the early 90’s my musical life changed when I discovered the power, honesty and simplicity of the delta blues and began touring and making records. The blues has taken me all around the world and to this very day I still love the special magic in performing with just my voice and a guitar.

27 years after the progressive years began I found myself in an unexpected situation when Niels Nielsen (Ghost, In Flames and many more) and my duo Dead Soul got signed by Razzia Records (Sony Music) and all of a sudden we began touring together with our friends in the hugely successful band Ghost. With rave reviews, a steadily growing global fanbase and relentless touring all over Europe and (beginning with the second album “The Sheltering Sky) a deal with Century Media Records things couldn’t have looked better. But the hard work and (maybe) the fact that we wasn’t kids prepared to be on the road year after year for next to nothing took its toll. After a 9 week tour of 17 countries we decided it was time to take a break late last year (2016).

That was when the idea of The Blank Page began taking form. A thought that had been surfaced every once in a while for almost 10 years entered my mind and just didn’t want to leave:

“What would the result be if I just created music based upon everything I’ve played and loved over the years?”

In other words: if I just make the most honest music I can without thinking about practical things like playing live or belonging to a certain “scene”. AND how about getting back to the synthesizers, piano and organ that used to be my main instruments before I discovered the blues and changed to playing guitar?

In February this year I began writing the music that is on The Blank Page first EP “Desolate”. I was lucky enough to bring in a great team of musicians (Johan Rapp – electric guitar, Ludvig Kennberg – drums, Nicklas Brännström – bass, Fia Kempe – backing vocals & Niels Nielsen – additional synthesizers) to the studio and I couldn’t be more happy with the result. Each and everyone brought so much of their talent and creativity to the table and I can’t thank them enough.

Now I will leave this little piece of music to you and I look forward to see what The Blank Page as well as my other musical endeavours will take me next.